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Saphira O'Valley's Backstory

So I was finally able to come up with a back story! Yeah me! lol If any of you guys think up some ways to make it even better let me know!! so here it is!!

While under the tutoring of a very experienced cartographer, I was given the task, after finishing my studies, to graph the surrounding areas and to make my own atlas for the areas. While graphing a map I ran into a group of warriors who seemed to be lost, they called themselves "Fury of the Called". When they asked me for directions to a place that I had already made a map for, I handed it over to them to help them on their way.

They then asked me to tag along with them to make sure that they wouldn’t have this problem again. They then taught me how to wield different weapons to protect myself so that way I could still help them while in battle.
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