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The New Back Story of Corporal Michael J. Caboose, M.D.

Caboose was not always the young, confident and accomplished doctor you know today. 19 years ago he was born to a black orc named Shaquiqui (of the clan Dorian) and a polygamist, who, due to being disgraced and forsaken by his village remains known only as “The Fat Man”. Sadly, both Shaquiqui and The Fat Man were killed by a group of GOMERS who were put on Valium, Caboose was 2; but that is neither here nor there. After the death of Caboose’s parents, he was adopted by his Aunt’s Family on his mother’s side; a family of black orcs (of the clan Turkelton; by marriage). As Caboose had grown up outside of civilization, he was not taught many things learned by children, such as working social skills and the developing of healthy relationships. He was shunned both at “school” and at home for being a half-breed. Caboose only had 3 things of his parents as a reminder. He had his father’s old medical dictionary and lab coat, and his mother’s old stethoscope; which has been lost. At the age of 12 he opened the dictionary and began, page by page, to memorize diagnoses, procedures, post-mortem and even dermatology (real doctors need not apply). By the time of his 21st birthday , Caboose knew more about the human body than any other person in the world, he could do everything from an IJ cut-down to a Foley Catheter with his eyes closed. He audited all of Med School and took the EMA (Eryndor Medical Association) examinations to become certified in both Internal Medicine and in Surgery. Caboose had always been a patriotic man, and when he heard about the growing trouble of Megamarth, he felt the call to combat and war in his blood. He was drawn by this feeling to the fighting unit, The Fury of the Called. They trained him in many things, including those normally learned by social situations as a child. They taught him how to fight, honor, respect and drinking techniques. In return he was able to teach them a few things about how to unite through hatred and an appreciation for fine scotch and expensive cigars. Caboose uses his medical knowledge for the good of the unit and in hopes of foiling Megamarth in his plot to return to power. He maintains good relations with both clan Dorian and clan Turkelton to keep the back channels open in hopes of staving off disaster. He also maintains relations with the Tehvikings, one of which, Eldgrim, has taken him under his wing as an apprentice. As a penance to his parents, whenever Caboose fights for the Fury, he wears his father’s old lab coat as both a sign of his devotion to the arts and mourning for his lost parents.

"The first step is Love, the second is mercy"
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