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As a child I lived on the bank of a river with my father. My mother died when I was very young and so I grew up in a village full of skilled fighters and manly men. My father taught me the ways of the sword and river. I was to worship what I had and what the river provided. I was named after a water priestess my tribe believed in. At the age of eighteen and ready to begin my life as a warrior woman of my tribe, my father fell ill. At his deathbed he told me of how I was truly not his daughter but I was taken away by him from my true family, for my birth father owed him a great debt that he could not and did not pay. As my “father” told me this I began to feel angry and hurt that he would lie to me for all of my life. He told me where my birth family lived so I could be with them when he pasted into the beyond. After he said the village’s name, I ran away from him never to look back.

As I came upon the village I saw that it was in ruins and that there was nothing there anymore, finished off by the war. Leaving the ruins of my old village behind, I journeyed through the woods and came across a village where there seamed to be a lot happening. As I walk up to the caravan of wagons and soldiers, I saw something that made me reach for my sword.

“Who are you and why do you look like me?” I shouted at the girl with features almost identical to me.
“Who am I, I should ask the same of you stranger!” The mysterious woman shouted back.
“Lower your weapons, NOW!” Shouted a man with a beard and chain mail hat.
“Sorry about that, so lets figure this out as civilized as possible, yeah?” I said.

As we talked I found out that she was from the same village I went to, to find my birth family. We came to the conclusion that since we looked the same and we’re the same age that we must be twins. And she convinced me to join the band of soldiers she was with called The Fury of the Called.
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