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Tywin's story

I was born in the seven kingdoms of Westeros, a relatively isolated archipelago to the east of the continent. By birth, I am a lordling of the western hills, but I was raised an Ironman from the Iron Island chain off the western coast of the main island. The seven kingdoms have been at peace for 1000years and more until just before my birth. Some of the noble families decided to overthrow the dragon-born(or so they claimed) of house Targaryen and succeeded. Peace again set over the seven kingdoms for a time, and a new banner flew over the Iron Throne. Then Lord Balon Greyjoy, of Pyke decided to strike in the new regime's infancy and return his Ironmen to the glory days of raiding and pillaging all who could smell the salty sea air.

That is when my family's pleasure barge was attacked by one of Balon's brothers. His crew tore through my family and their retainers raping and killing my mother and sisters. Somehow, during the chaos I was cast overboard. I spent two days adrift at sea until their ship came drifting by, off to new plunder. I used what strength I had left in my 5 year old body, grabbed hold of the side of the longboat and started to climb. I saw them once I was at the rail and felt a surge of energy rush through me. I got atop the rail and lunged at the closest man, slipped his dagger from his side and slid it right through his ribs. Before they subdued me, two more of the crew were felled. The captain approached with a solemn look on his face. He stared at me with his bright blue eye and told me that I had paid the "iron price" for my life and a title, and he raised me as his own. He named me after the great lord of the west, Tywin Lannister, and let me take his own surname so I would always know where I was from, and who I've become.

Eventually, I was made captain of ship that I had lead a charge on. As both ships were about to head back to the Iron islands a storm started brewing, and my ship was taken by the winds and the current. While trying to regain control of the churning ship, I was again cast out to sea. I woke up in an inlet, surrounded by land I didn't recognize. I got up and started trudging inland. I walked for days, each step getting harder, eventally I saw smoke rising from the treeline and pressed toward it. I walked every ounce of strength from my body, and passed out before ever getting to source of the smoke.

The next thing I remember was feeling a strange sensation in my leg. When I managed to open my eyes I saw gnawing on my boot, and I kicked at it in horror. The creature jumped back, a surprised look on its face. It ran a few steps toward the fire and shouted "he's alive, man Reggie finds is alive!" I tried getting up, only to find my hands bound. A voice answered from the fire, "you found him, now find out why he's here." I could tell that it was morning, which explained why the voice sounded hung over.

"Why you here, guy?" Reggie cocked his head at me, so I told him my tale and that I wished to heal and regain my strength to return home. He wandered over to the fire and after a time returned.

"That work for us, guy, welcome to Fury."
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Re: Tywin's story

Looks like it fulfills everything.

Treasurer, Fury of the Called.
Vision without a plan is hallucination.
I do not ask for fewer foes, I only ask for a stronger axe.
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