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The Tale of Trea Greyjoy and Kasperia

Hello. How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! My name is Trea and this is the story of me and my sister Kasperia (Kasper). We was born into a high elf society on the island of Eredhel. Our parents were of noble backgrounds. I was the eldest of my siblings with two younger brothers and a sister named Kasperia. We were raised with a higher standard and moral code than most Elves. We used these standards both in our everyday life and on the battlefields. We also learned the noble arts of our people. Both my sister and I were taught the value of our language and continued to mature more quickly than the other children around us. We lived a very peaceful life. Kasper and I, along with our brothers, were able to roam the land frequently and independently.
  There was a sudden change in my daily routines when I turned nine. Our parents were against us roaming the hills and valleys. We were forced to stay around our palace. We were guarded more so than normal. I had heard of my parents worry. I found them talking on many occasions about the changes happening around us. My mother was always panicked, and my father was the one consistently calming her.
One night I was awakened by noises throughout the palace. I sat up in my bed and placed my feet on the ground, wondering what was happening outside of my room. I slowly walked toward the door, shaking with every step. There was no noise directly outside of my room, but I could hear it throughout the palace walls. I heard the screaming of my sister Kasper. I had to go protect my little sister. I ran out the door to her room. I got to her room and found Kasper in the corner. I grabbed her and tried to get out of the palace. On our way out, we were met by a creature that terrified us. (I later found out these were Black Orcs.) This creature, to this day, creates a fear inside of me that is overwhelming. It's face was worse than anything I had ever dreamed about. He grabbed me as I tried to run past him. He had a hold of my waist as I sat there struggling to get out of his grasp and yelling at Kasper to run. I was unsuccessful. I cannot recall what happened between that and waking up in a dark place. I was unable to tell where I was, but I heard a familiar voice sitting next to me. They had taken Kasper as well. I felt evil all around me and I knew we had to get out if we wanted to survive; I just didn't know how. I do not remember how long we were kept in this dark place. (This event in my life I later learned was the Attack at Eredhel.) I can remember, however, what happened next.
In the middle of the dark, I heard noises echoing off of the nature around me. I could not keep up with all of the fighting going on around us. Soon after that we were able to meet our rescuers. A group of wood elves had come to win back their territory. One of them had seen my sister and I and recognized that we were not an enemy. The wood elves had decided to keep us in their watch because we did not know the whereabouts of our parents.
We were raised by wood elves beginning when I was ten and Kasper seven. I became an elf who remembered her noble history, but also entertained the values and customs of the wood elves who continued to raise me. Kasper and I were raised with the love of nature and our fellow wood elves, but I constantly tried to remember and find my blood family. Kasper did not really remember our parents. The older I became the more I wanted to know about them. One day while Kasper and I were walking through the woods, we came across the path of a crusade. I was intrigued by what they were doing in Eredhel. The group included many races I had not been introduced to yet. Each and every one of them, however, was as nice as the next. I came across one man in particular, a human. Something about him has me locked into his gaze. I decided to ask if both Kasper and I could join their crusade. They accepted me us and we began our journey with the Fury of the Called.

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