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Cool kid crossguards

Acquire an old bike tire, the outer part not the inner tube. When my old unit was making swords, I went to a bike shop and got a couple of old tires they were going to throw away for free, it was enough to make MANY SWORDS

Cut out a section of bike tire; not too big, not too small. You want it too look cool but not get your weapon failed because it's protruding too far.

Cut hole in middle of crossguard section the size of your core. Slide it onto your core to the desired position of your cross guard

Make a "dam" on either side of your core by sliding a small cylinder of blue foam onto either side. It should fit firmly inside the curve of the bike tire.

Applying the glue. First you're going to need to wipe the inside of the bike tire, foam and core with a damp cloth. The moisture helps activate the gorilla glue. Fill about halfway up the dams with gorilla glue and allow it to sit overnight, maybe longer if needed. The glue will expand and look kind of like a rock hard version of that spray insulation.

Your crossguard is now basically inseparable from your core. Hope you put it where you wanted it lol. At this point I built my blade. When you're ready to tape it all together, wrap and cap your bike tire crossguard with blue foam. I also shoved some blue foam scraps inside the bike tire curve. You want the crossguard to be wrapped with enough foam so that getting bonked with the crossguard isn't going to hurt someone. You also need to make sure that the protruding bits are big enough to be not a concern to weapons checkers. I had one layer of foam on the outside of the bike tire and it was fine; durable but with enough give.

You now have a cool kid crossguard!!! Here's a picture!!


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Re: Cool kid crossguards

emoticon I've been looking for pictures on how to do this! You're a superhero Nova!

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