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The Story of Zatiac

I have been told that I was once a legendary knight, loved by the people I fought for and hated by my enemies. How I died is unknown, I have no memories of my past. I don't even remember my original name. It was burned off the pages of the few documents I have about my past.

Necromancy sounds fun to many corrupt mages, and it is often played with. Like many art forms, amateurs tend to try more advanced practices right away. That inevitably leads to mistakes. That is where I come from.

A younger mage who could barely do regular magic decided he wanted to try necromancy. I never got his name. Instead of practicing on smaller summons suck as rodents and reptiles he decided to jump right to humans.

Wraiths are a rather uncommon undead due to their (or shall I say, our?) difficulty to control. For those who can control them they are a powerful asset, with the ability to travel through matter, manipulate shadows, and even do mild teleportation. I am left out from that.

I was the idiot's experiment. When I was risen from death he actually did MOST of the ritual right. He cleared my memory, restored some of my flesh and paused the decay, took away most my emotions and fears, took away all hesitation to kill, etc. He forgot one vital thing willpower.

When he summoned me he got excited, thinking he could use me as a weapon, and eventually get a wraith army. I sensed his intentions. I HATE being used.

I slid my claws out and dove into the ground and shot out of a wall near him, stabbing all my claws into his stomach.

He quickly casted a spell that destroyed my claws. I noticed he had a blade on his staff, so I leaped back into the shadows and grabbed the staff across the room, then dropped down from the ceiling above him as he attempted to get up. I stabbed his staff down his back. He was still alive somehow.

As I was preparing to leap back into the shadows he casted a spell which took away my powers. I could no longer teleport, go through matter, manipulate shadows, or anything. The only difference between me and a regular human was that my flesh was pale and rotting, and there were no organs beating within my body.

I then developed a keen hatred for necromancers and users of evil magic. I left the grotto where I was summoned, leaving the already rotting corpse of the failed necromancer behind me, and began to search for more information about Necromancy and my past, with the intention of killing other necromancers along the way.

Due to how people reacted to undead I was forced to only move at night. During the day I suffered boredom as I had to spend all the hours in hiding. I wish I could sleep...

One night when I was travelling I saw the light of a campfire beyond the trees. I decided to keep my distance. I was attempting to make my way around where the fire was, but I sensed something. I turned around to see a powerful warrior. I later learned his name is Toland.

I could sense he didn't like undeads, especially the higher-tier ones such as myself. I stepped back and asked him to wait a moment, and told him I had no powers. I could tell by the immediate attack that he didn't care how powerful I was; he just wanted me to die (again). We fought for a short time; however I never struck at him. I only lifted my weapons to block his attacks if I was unable to evade.

During the fight I kept telling him that I also hate undeads and necromancers, and hate the fact I am cursed to be one. I also told him my goals and that I had a few documents about who I once was. I then realized the only way to be convincing was to lose, so I tossed my weapons aside, and dropped to my knees with my hands on my head. I lifted up my head to offer a decapitation.

He didn't kill me; instead he cut my pocket open and grabbed the documents that proved that I was a valiant and righteous knight when I was alive. I could tell he was still suspicious of me, but he spared me, and allowed me to join his group. I think they were all suspicious of me since I was an undead, but they also accepted me. It took me a while to earn their trust, but I eventually did. I don't blame them; if I was in their shoes I likely wouldn't have even given myself a chance.

I am hoping that during our quest to kill Megamarth that I may also learn more about necromancy, so that I may lift the curse on myself.
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