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Rambels of a drunk Rahazen

I'm a bastared. My Mother is whore. I come from a rat infested pit of sin and corruption where the rich go to play.
*hic* Sounds like fun right? Naw I'm not normaly like this *hic* this is some good stuff. Yeah man I mean ish that I'm
from...... what is it called again? Oh yeah, Gohithica *hic* My ma, god bless her, is a damn whore by traid......wait did I say that alrady?
Uh well watever it is, she sure is proud of is, she got knocked up by "customer" *hic* and then don't you know, I poped out
months later..... Those are some nice shoes.. *hic* Huh? Oh yeah, so life wasn't too bad, Mom's job gave us a roof and some meals everyday *hic*
I was left to do watherve I wanted. I found things for fun I gues you could say *hic*. That went on for quite a while til HE came along! HA!
So one day, when I was "finding" things *hic* I tried to grab this guys shiny looking sword when he wasnt looken, yeah it was dumb, and one thing led to another
well I almost lost my hand. But I gues he thoughtI was good at something, so he decied to stay around and teach me a few things or too.
.........*Hic* So that went on for a few yearsssssss...... He tought me everything he knew so I was read for something. But then what did he want me ta do?
My final test was......he wanted me to kill my mother, to free me of my binds to this world and meet my full potental.
I said no of course, that guy turned out to be nuts! *hic*
....So the next thing I know, I wake up in a alle, laying next to my mothers lifeless body covered in her blood.
*hic* So now I'm wanted in my hometown, my mothers dead and my only goal in life is to kill that damn bastarded!
I know he did! *hic* So anyway, I spent the last few years looking for him and that lead me to here, Belagathey! Thats how you say it right? *hic*
And well I don't when I'm gona find him, so I figgured I could find some new purpose in life, ta do some good or something.
So yah know, I found some fun guys to drink with here in a bar, The Furry of the called, they told me thier little crusade
spile and said HEY sign me up! I got nothen better to do. *hic* and so here I am.

I think I'm gona vomit...
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Re: Rambels of a drunk Rahazen


"The first step is Love, the second is mercy"
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