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December 4th Voting Results

Okay ladies and gentlemen....We had our vote today. Thank you for everyone who came out to vote. Your opinion does matter!

Here are the results from today's vote:
Fury of the Called is now extracted from the Dagorhir at CMU RSO.

Finn's constitution passed with the following amendments:
    1. The sage position only gets a vote at officer meetings in the case of a tie.
    2. To remain an active member you must have attended a Fury of the Called practice or Eryndor Event within the past year and a half.
    3. The Master at Arms does not cast the tie vote.
    4. We will add a mission statement at the beginning of the constitution that states "The mission of the Fury of the Called is to promote the highest quality of Dagorhirum."
    5.We will change the lettering to numbers in the constitution order.

With the extraction of the Fury we each had to choose which group we would belong to whether that be Fury, RSO, Both, or None. Below is what we have so far.
Toland - Fury of the Called
Jayne - Fury of the Called
Eldigrim - Fury of the Called
Tywin - Fury of the Called
Varg - Fury of the Called
Jay - Fury of the Called
Finn - Fury of the Called
Leos - Both
Lokin - Both
Paisley - Both
Rahazen - Both
Nerith - Both
Elised - Both
Atalan - Both
Corvus - Both
Trea - Both

With that being said, we had a vote for the new officers.

For the Dagorhir at CMU RSO:
 President - Corvus
Secretary - Paisley
Quartermasters - Atalan and Elised
Treasurer - Rahazen

For the Fury of the Called:
Master at Arms - Finn
Secretary - Nerith
Treasurer - Atalan
Loremaster - Corvus
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