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Scarab and Lotus

      The twins Mordious and Dakotar Ren were born into a simple family of merchants in the desert city of Galadia. They were raised on the brink of poverty as life in Galadia was tough. Crime was everywhere in the hell-like town, making their family business difficult. From powerful gang influence to simple thievery, the city made their childhood tough. Around the age of 14, the twins had enough of it.

      Mordious and Dakotar left their family, fled to the streets, and became the very criminals that ruined their childhood. Over the next several years they learned to live off the streets; pick pocketing, hustling, scamming, breaking and entering; The twins did it all, only trusting and staying true to each other. Mordious and Dakotar were no more; they were reborn Scarab and Lotus.

      At the age of 18 they had decided to abandon the city, and head north into the desert. Spending months wandering the Parparth Desert and coming near death on several occasions, they had developed a wide variety of survival skills.

      They eventually reached far enough north, through the Hills of Lutia and into northern Haradaria, they had reach something they had never even imagined to exist; a forest. After spending their whole lives in the desert, the mass of trees of the Fuintaur Forest was absolutely amazing. However, in the Fuintaur, they also had encountered the fierceness of the orcs for the first time. Scarab and Lotus weren't much of fighters yet, so their only option against the orcs was to run. They stayed hidden from sight and traveled quickly to escape the orcs, making their way to the north east through Westend and into Belegaria.

      One night camping out in Belegaria the two found themselves surrounded. Orcs in every direction. They had let their guard down and now their fate seemed sealed as dozens of orcs appeared from nowhere. Just when all hope of survival seemed to fade, they heard something strange; a loud war horn accompanied by a battle cry. A troop of men charged through their camp slaughtering all the orcs in sight. In a few brief moments, the orcs were fleeing for their lives.

      The group called themselves The Fury of the Called, and although Scarab and Lotus only had only trusted each other through their entire lives, they were strangers in this new violent world they found, and if they wanted to survive, their only choice was to trust Fury.

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