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Backstory-Adellelven Woodhaven

My name is Adellelven Woodhaven, and I was born many years ago in the trees of the last city of Elves on The Continent; Eredhel. I am the eldest of my siblings. I had a sister and a brother, both of whom I love dearly. My father was a talented craftsman, and my mother a lively homemaker. He was best known for his fine leatherworking. My father and I were very close, and often I’d watch him craft for hours on end. As I grew older he gradually would allow me to help him more and more with his projects, and I developed a knack for tinkering and a love of crafting as well. He promised to make me his apprentice once I was old enough. This never happened.
 When the Black Orcs had finally pushed through the Eredhel Forest to the core of the city, my family and I became refugees fleeing Eredhel. The Elves and Eryndor crusaders could not hold them back. In desperation my father wanted to take us to N’Nathren with a group of other Elves, where we would be safe. But shortly after escaping I was kidnapped, separated from my family by a corrupt knight traveling with the Elves and crusaders. My family and I knew him before my abduction, and I believed I could trust him, because of everything he did to help my family escape and take care of us while we were refugees. I was mistaken; he had taken a liking to me, and decided he would force me into servitude. On the dark night of a new moon, while I was wandering back to my family’s tent, they ambushed; he and his followers bound my arms and legs, gagged me with a strip of cloth, and covered my head with a heavy sack. They then rode off into the pitch black with me in tow. It was the last time I ever saw my family.
 I would not go quietly. Eventually I escaped, stealing a horse and wandering the dry fields for weeks. I made my way to N’Nathren; a stunningly beautiful haven carved from white stone, where the Elves still preach the Old Ways. Alas, my family was nowhere to be found. Heartbroken, I decided to stay in N’Nathren, to rest and to learn the Old Ways of my heritage, before the corruptions of Men. At this point I had developed a deep mistrust of Men. A (human) man had taken me from the people I loved. The corruptions of Men lead to my peoples’ suffering. I wasn’t going to let this go easily.
I was determined to find my family. After months at N’Nathren, resting and planning and making preparations for a long journey, I set off to find them. I wandered the continent, pushing farther and farther East, hoping to encounter some trace of my family before our separation. I followed the Fellowship Freepass, because I was familiar with it running through Eredhel Forest-I grew up there. I had several close encounters with Orcs; learning how to stay low to avoid conflict at all costs. Eventually I reached Belegaria. This was a fatal mistake; the place was crawling with fearsome Black Orcs, and many of the cities and villages were in ruins. I almost was killed one day, had not I happened upon the Fury of the Called, accidently running into their camp chased by a group of blood-thirsty Orcs. They were kind and took me in, and I then asked if I might join them on their crusade. I wasn’t a terribly good fighter, but they had restored some of my faith in humanity with their hospitality and noble cause, and I wanted to help them in some way. I had also befriended two desert-people, brother and sister who were also saved from Orcs by the Fury, and had chosen to join their cause as well. Scarab and Lotus are their names; I quickly befriended Lotus, but the human male, Scarab... my bias kept him at bay, although his friendly advances began to warm my coldness towards him. I am still determined to find my family, and get revenge on those who caused me to lose the people I love. But as I spend more time with the Fury, I begin to see a new family, and I fight for no longer myself but for them, and to aid them on their quest to save Eryndor.

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