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Name/Story Change

The other day I was thinking about my character's name and back story.

I have been going by Mikins for years, but I don't think it is because I ever really wanted that name, it was for the convince of others. Some people have been asking me if I am going to change my character name as well. Up until this point I have said that I am sticking with Mikins. I however know now that I just can't do that. Mikins is always going to be female, and I just have to accept that and move on.

I did try to experiment with a new name last year, but I thought it sounded awkward when other people said it. I don't think it suited me well anyways.

So for now I guess I am Mikins. It is going to take some time for me to think of a new name anyways. But I just wanted to let someone besides myself know this is what is happening.

I am open to name suggestions if anyone has any.

And I have been thinking that this time I really want to connect my character with the continent. Write some really cool content. Belegaria has a military, right? I was thinking of writing myself as a simple foot solider. It sounds like what is best suited for me. I am probably going to need some help with a story as well for this character if anyone is interested.

And I am definitely mentioning the two moons. So cool.

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