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Grimoire's Backstory

The common room was as quiet as any Thomadrill had ever heard. The men who usually were cracking jokes and grabbing for the waitresses were sitting mumbling into their drinks. He knew nights like this meant that he would never get any money. Nights like these, when men are silent and nations cry the only solution is a good story. But not just any funny story will do, this had to be a story that would relate to everyman. It would have to be ridiculous and believable, funny yet hopeful, and most of all it needed to be new.
Thomadrill knew the exact story, he heard it right from the source, though he did not know Thomadrill had been a bard. Clearing his throat he started…..
Never in your life have you heard a story such as this. He has had more success then you could ever hope for and a luck that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. (That’s got their attention Thomadrill thought) Grimoire was born to a noble family that is so old that the country they held their land in no longer exists and the king’s name who granted their title is forgotten. Yet they still survive in their little corner of the world.
One day a man walked into town filling it with stories of glory and honor, the young Grim fell for it. Stories of a secret organization that opposed Megamarth. Money funneled to armies, passage given to refuges. Grim took a few days and took all the money and valuables he could find and gave it to the stranger and promised more to help the armies. The man was smart though, he knew not to press suck good luck, and he never was seen in that town again. (People are actually looking me now, that’s a good sign.)
After realizing what happened with the man, Grimoire decided that he needed to experience the world so his father wrote him a letter using every official sounding word he could and they sent him off.
In his first big city he saw the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Her clothes clung to her body and her eyes pierced him. In the next his heart broke as he saw her being beaten by her owners. Not being able to stand this he found out who they were and followed them out of town. They had a large house and he sat outside waiting for dark.
Under the cover of night he snuck up to the door and tried to kick it in but as he lifted his leg a guard was opening the door and Grimiore kicked the door into the guard and knocked him unconscious. He jumped through the door and pulled out his sword, and in the same motion knocking an oil lamp into a low hanging tapestry and catching it on fire. Hurry he said as he took her hand and lead Aidara outside. As they just got out the door an explosion was heard as there were some casks of hard liquor next to the tapestry that caught fire. This roused everyone in the house and they all fled outside to find what was wrong. With their house on fire they all caught his visage as he and the servant ran away.
On the road he found they were following him so he had to take the back roads, which is unfortunate as that is where the bandits make their living. And one day on the road they met another women who drew a sword on him. He tossed his bag at her and as she stepped forward to grab it she tripped on the bag dropping her sword and knocking herself out on a rock in the road. He grabbed his bag and they ran again.
Finally they made their way to the university but as they were approaching the city from the back they saw smoke rising, and not just a little bit, it looked like the whole sky was black. As soon as they entered the city it looked like a war zone, which it was. The city his family sent to was none other the Belfalas the former city of the undead. (The crowd finally laughed, and he knew he had them for the night.) The only people in the city were The Crusaders. Loving his story and telling him they could teach him enough to keep him safe, he joined The Fury of the Called.
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