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Reyvarch And Cormag Joining the Fury


Born to a poor family in a distant land, Reyvarch and his younger brother Cormag left their hometown early in search of employment. Reyvarch began working as a blacksmith, forging weapons for warriors of all sorts. After a short time, he became envious of the adventures his customers were having with the weapons he helped create. He left the forge behind to become a mercenary. Reyvarch enjoyed his new job and it took him all over several worlds. He fought in Hyrule, Middle Earth, and the land of Albion. Whenever he fought a particularly skilled warrior, he took a bit of their style or equipment with him. He quickly became famous among the other fighters in his hometown and inspired many of them to become mercenaries as well. This inspiration also carried over to his brother: after his army division was wiped out, Cormag sought out Reyvarch and joined his mercenary troop “Hand of the Lost”. Now reunited with his brother, and leader of a troop, Reyvarch became obsessed with improving his skills and the skills of his comrades. It was during this search that Reyvarch and Cormag found Fury of the Called and joined their crusade, without charging a dime for their services.


Born to a poor family in a distant land, Cormag and his older brother Reyvarch left their hometown early in search of employment. Cormag joined the first army he found and fought as a solider for a few years, not caring what his orders were. He simply wanted to follow orders and collect his pay. The war Cormag was involved in quickly went sour for his allies. This downturn ended tragically: in a fateful and bloody battle, almost all of his division was wiped out. Cormag walked away from his army life in search of his brother. He had heard that Reyvarch had his own mercenary troop now, and Cormag intended to sell the skills he had picked up as a solider. He found Reyvarch and became Hand of the Lost’s second in command. Cormag still followed orders with apathy, he just wanted people to fight. When Reyvarch said he was joining Fury of the Called, Cormag had no objections.
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